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"Consultancy | Training | Research"

We draw on the synergy and talent of partners from legal firms, business, researchers, civil society and other stakeholders to tackle Transgender challenges. In doing so, we help companies, NGOs and institutes in all sectors meet and exceed human rights standards. We are a team of pro-bono legal consultants, researchers and trainers, the force behind the changing social-legal landscape of the transgender community in India and beyond. Read More

Trans Rights

"Consultancy | Training | Research"


Tailor-made consultation services for transgender community individuals, trans -parents, stakeholder and allies.


In-depth legal research and concept development on Trans rights and gender inclusion issues.


Curated human rights training centered around Transgender issues vs diveristy and inclusion.

Transgender Consultation

The transgender people in across the globe, faces human rights violations like; discrimination, abuse, forced prostitution and rape. These communities have been sidelined from participating in social and cultural life, economy, politics, and decision-making processes. India as a cases study, shows this prevailing trait. Read More..

Are you a transgender individual in need of legal help?

The transgender people faces many challenges due to discrimination and abuse. We aim help transgender individuals with a variety of issues like; name change, IDs, immigration, cases/litigation.

Are you a parent to a transgender child and you need advice?

Suddenly realizing that your loved one is a transgender can be traumatizing. We have a community of professional that has you covered in more than one way.

Research & Training

Transgender Rights Research

Transgender rights are complex and dynamic issues in the context of Indian culture, which needs constant research.  The fruitful tug of war between the proponents of the transgender right and the honorable Court in the recent times calls for even more research. Read More

Human Rights and Criminal Law Training

Getting the transgender issues in the limelight is a step towards an amicable solution. Since knowledge is power, we have focused on training and reaching out to the transgender community, NGO,the society at large, institutes, among other stakeholders. Read more

Join the Advocates

Be part of the Pro-bono Human Rights and Criminal Law Advocates fighting for the rights of the transgender in India.

Upscale advocacy skills

Gain strategies to mitigate advocacy risks and ways to take action. Get challenged through team work, to reflect on human rights issues you care about, and create a practical toolkit and frameworks, that serves as a personal guide to defending human rights, by fighting for the rights of the Transgender.

Be part of the change

Help us fill the equality gap in gender rights and bring an end to injustices caused through discrimination and abuse of the Transgender community. Be part of the influential social work, that is changing the dynamics of gender discrimination. Contribute your synergy through litigation and rights advocacy for gender inclusion.

Enlighten & Empower


We enlighten the society, while empowering the Transgender community concerning gender rights and equality. Empowered human rights defenders and strong and independent civil society are key to this vision.


The instructor is well versed in the subject, hence I have learned many new thoughts and ideologies.This course was amazingly informative. This new understanding will help me to help my students feel a sense of belonging, inclusion and understanding of the transgender community in general.
Valini Nayar
Professor & Writer
I think it would be enriching for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Transgender issues, but also particularly recommend it for people largely unfamiliar with the issues looking to create more inclusive spaces or be more supportive towards a friend or loved one identifying as Transgender
Manish Gade
Human Rights Researcher
This course was a fantastic overview of Transgender issues, incorporating many different voices -- both academic perspectives and personal experiences.I loved this course due to the wide perspective, testimonies and its diverse approach. It is very important to extend our view to transgender people at large.
Indu Sundaram
College Professor