Dr. Sunita and the team specializes in helping the transgender community, companies, medical groups, and community organizations support the transgender community by educating, training, and advising on matters of inclusion, equal access, equal care, and the equal treatment of transgender individuals from a legal perspective.

Pro-bono Transgender Consultancy

As a legal research-based team, the backbone of our work is the well being of the transgender community. Our teams provide free legal consultation to the transgender community in many capacities.
Some of the issues faced by the Transgender community are;

Abuse and Discrimination

The Transgender community undergo social, cultural, and economic discrimination while facing abuse in various sectors of life.

Human Trafficking

The Transgender community is prone to human trafficking for sex, organ selling, begging among other illicit trades.

Forced Begging

Those Transgender individuals who are adopted, are forced to beg on the streets, while a larger part of the collection goes to the leaders.

Forced Prostitution

Forced prostitution by their community, friends, or relatives as a means of livelihood is a common scenario among the Transgender community.

Drug abuse

Issues with drug and substance abuse due to stress and nature of trade they are involved in is a major problem among the Transgender community.


Rape cases are rampant among the Transgender community in India due poor policies and discrimination.

Rejection and Exclusion

Restricted entry to most public spaces and excluded from participating in social, cultural, and economic activities. The worst part if the rejection of Transgender children and young adults by their own families which leaves them vulnerable to other forms of abuse.

Child Nabbing

Newborn babies and children with the genital feature of Transgender nabbed by the transgender community or willingly handed over by the parents.


High cases of rape, unprotected sex, drug abuse as some of the contributing factors to vulnerability of the community to STI and STD.

Lack of Education

As a marginalized group, due to discrimination and abuse, most of the Transgender are illiterate, jobless and live as beggars and prostitutes.

Policies and Protocols

Lack of measures for gender recognition, sex reassignment surgery, child adoption, same-sex marriage, family formation among others has been a major contribution to the issues faced by the Transgender community.

Harassment (Police)

The Transgender community undergoes Harassment by the general public and the police; whenever they are found on the wrong side of the law.

Research and Training session

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Tailor-made Sessions

Our research-backed human rights strategy and management system helps companies meet these responsibilities and brings business benefits in various ways


Transgender Expertise

With Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 in place, there is a shift in operations in companies, institutes and other stakeholders concerning Human Rights at the workplace. Our consultancy services ensures that all matter concerning the Transgender community at the workplace are addressed amicably. Companies, Institutes and stakeholders are expected to ensure that they do not infringe on fundamental human rights through their operations, products, services, or business relationships.

  • Minimizing operational, legal, and reputational risk
  • Maintaining license to operate
  • Supporting local transgender communities through company CSR efforts.
  • Strengthening brand reputation with shareholders, investors, government, and the media.
  • Multi-stakeholder processes and community engagements to better understand root causes and collective solutions
  • Creation of robust human rights policies and strategies
  • Human rights due diligence at the corporate, market, product, or site levels that identifies unique company impacts, risks, and opportunities.
  • Policies and processes for articulating corporate commitments to human rights and integrating human rights into core business functions
  • Tools to monitor and communicate performance and progress in advancing human rights

Join the movement

We offer free consultation, training and legal help to the transgender individuals and trans-families/community. Our operations rely on Transgender community allies, stakeholders and NGOs. Join the movement, donate to support our work, to protect transgender human rights across India. Your contributions will make a difference in bringing justice, to end impunity wherever transgender rights violations occur.


Inviting Dr. Sunita and her team to our campus to speak to our students was a game changer. Anyone who is looking to have Hijra issues discussed and broken down in plain language that anyone can understand and interact with would be glad . An inspiring professional and delightful human being, I’d recommend her to anyone!
Nakul Comar
Institute Admin
Workshops by Dr. Sunita have been an eye opener. One student in particular approached me after the presentation and told me that she had attended without any idea of what to expect, and that she was blown away by the presentation. I cant imagine how much more in the audience felt. We would surely book her for the next batch.
Rishima Barman
College Professor
Her findings were given accurate and thorough coverage while personal anecdotes made the information relatable and accessible. Dr. Sunita’s passion is palpable, and even for those who do not understand transgender issues, it is difficult not to be moved by researcher's fierce desire to advocate for the rights of the transgender.
Sneha Deol
Social Worker