About Us

"Consultancy | Training | Research"

We draw on the synergy and talent of partners from legal firms, business, researchers, civil society and other stakeholders to tackle Transgender challenges. In doing so, we help companies, NGOs and institutes in all sectors meet and exceed human rights standards. As a team of pro-bono legal consultants, researchers and trainers, our aim is to be the force behind the social-legal landscape change of the transgender community in India and beyond.

Dr. Sunita Bachchhav


A human rights researcher, consultant and trainer, with specialization in Transgender Rights.

We envision a gender inclusive society where everyone takes responsibility for promoting and protecting the rights of the Transgender community. A society where people a not judged based on sex or sexuality.

Our mission is to advance the civil and human rights of transgender people and their families through consultation, research, litigation, legislation, policies, and public education.

What we believe

We believe that the way to realize this vision is to activate and engage the full range of our functions and powers under the Indian Penal Code 1860, Constitution of India, International Human Rights Laws and our institutional expertise to dismantle the complex, intersecting dynamics and conditions that foster and perpetuate systemic discrimination and abuse against the Transgender Community.

  • The transgender people hold the resilience and power for social-economic transformation.
  • No one is disposable before the law as all are equal.
  • The people most impacted by the systems we fight must lead the work, hence Transgender community empowerement is crucial.
  • Liberation for everyone is both necessary and possible regardless of gender.
  • Self-determination is a fundamental human right we were all born to realize.
  • Our survival is revolutionary, as society is progressive.

Join the Advocates

Be part of the pro-bono Human Rights and Criminal Law Advocates fighting for the rights of the transgender in India.

Upscale advocacy skills

Gain strategies to mitigate advocacy risks and ways to take action. Get challenged through team work, to reflect on human rights issues you care about, and create a practical toolkit and frameworks, that serves as a personal guide to defending human rights, by fighting for the rights of the Transgender.​

Be part of the change

Help us fill the equality gap in gender rights and bring an end to injustices caused through discrimination and abuse of the Transgender community. Be part of the influential social work, that is changing the dynamics of gender discrimination. Contribute your synergy through litigation and rights advocacy for gender inclusion.