We Identify research areas and analyze key research campaign issues, related to Transgender Rights. We work with the Human Rights Education team to identify suitable campaign goals to achieve the outcomes in an innovative, cost- effective and time bound manner. We monitor and analyze external developments in political/media/civil society/corporate circles relevant to the campaign area and adopt appropriate changes to campaign strategy, objectives and plans.

Turnkey Legal Research

Our consultancy services are research-based, as we carry out extensive empirical research and consultation on all types of work of research in Human Rights, Criminal law among other Law subjects field. We provide custom services and not a cookie cutter one-fit-all solution. We help companies, NGO, Law firms and individuals in doing research in different capacities. Areas of legal research and consultation are;

Academic (LLM & PhD)

Our skilled professors offer an action plan or an outline of the entire thesis through one on one guidance to enable scholars complete the whole project on time.

Litigation Research

We undertake and conduct litigation research on behalf of law firms, plaintiffs or civil defendants among other legal bodies for Human rights especially Transgender related cases, to enable fast tracking and success of litigation processes.

Project Proposal

We help you outlines your project’s core value proposition while following industry  standards. Our teams ensures that your  proposal grabs the attention of stakeholder and project sponsor. 

No matter the Humanitarian work at hand, we help you focus on the core as we research and document your process and analysis and findings in an efficient and amicable way.

Empirical Approach

Quick & Easy

Strategic 3 Step Research Process

Planning & Reconnaissance

-Research topic selection.
-Hypothesis formulation
-Visibility test

Research & Analysis

-Pre-research documentation
-Data collection
-Analysis and interpretation

Documentation & Presentation

-Research documentation
-Findings presentation
-and more.

Our aim is to help every scholar excel at research, while paying attention to high industry research standards and ethics.

Note: For scholars, we offer only consultation and guidance, but we do not provide ready-to-submit reports. Read more in our “Terms and Conditions page”

A-Z Consultancy

Our consulting services start right from the selection of a good and interesting topic for your thesis and end at offering support towards the publishing of your research work. We offer both consultation and guidance for the following services;

  • PhD Admission
  • PhD Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Research Proposal
  • Field Work
  • Data Analysis
  • Plagiarism Checking & Removal
  • Project Reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Course Work
  • Final Viva/PPT
  • Thesis Defense
  • Thesis/Dissertation Editing

Research Consultation

We help you see the research path better