Our diversity and inclusion training includes transgender issues, gender identity, gender diversity, gender equality, transgender youth, transgender teens, and transgender issues in the workplace. The programs involve constant engagement, networking, and program development with students, institutions, youth networks, and relevant gender groups.

Why US

We enlighten the society , while empowering the Transgender community concerning gender rights.

Companies, NGOs and Educational Institutes

We liaise with companies, NGOs and other institutions of learning to facilitate training through classroom sessions, online webinars and special seminars or workshops.

Independent Seminars and Workshops

We independently organize Transgender rights engagements, press meets, conferences and seminars from time to time depending on requirements.

Trans Rights

"Consultancy | Training | Research"

Strategic Goals and Outcomes

Identify research areas and analyze key campaign issues, related to Human Rights Education. Our teams identify suitable course goals to achieve the outcomes in an innovative, cost-effective, and time-bound manner.We endeavor not to change but perfect your curriculum through provenmethodologies. Our goal is to instill the spirit of research and rightsadvocacy in the learners.

Collaboration and Relationship Building

With the aim of building gender inclusion for transgender community safety in the society, we liaise and build relationships with academic institutions, youth networks and movements. We have been able to reach out to several institutes through visiting lectureship, online webinars, seminars, workshops among other avenues.

Monitoring and Analysis

We monitor and analyze external developments in political/media/civil society/corporate circles relevant to the Human rights and adopt appropriate changes to course strategy, objectives, and plans.

Blended Learning

Take the team work challenge ,reflect on human rights issues you care about, and create a practical toolkit that serves as a personal guide to defending human rights through our tailor-made lecture sessions blended with real-life practical involvement.

  • To oversee the design and development of the overall curriculum, and deliver a range of programs of study at various levels.
  • To transfer knowledge into practical skills, methods, and techniques concerning human rights advocacy through risks mitigation for human rights advocacy.
  • To challenge thinking, foster debate, and develop the ability of students to engage in critical discourse and rational thinking towards human rights.
  • To ensure that the teaching content and methods of delivery are following equal opportunities, and respond to need based issues.

Online Sessions

Live Online Training

We hold frequent live webinars and one-on-one interviews with the experts in the field of Human rights, to ensure that the  dynamics of the subject matter are captured as they unfold.

Online Content Development

We develop content for online and offline use to build public repositories for the Transgender rights campaigns and the integration of the values and principles of human rights into education/society.


The instructor is well versed in the subject, hence I have learned many new thoughts and ideologies.This course was amazingly informative. This new understanding will help me to help my students feel a sense of belonging, inclusion and understanding of the transgender community in general.
Valini Nayar
Professor & Writer
I think it would be enriching for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Transgender issues, but also particularly recommend it for people largely unfamiliar with the issues looking to create more inclusive spaces or be more supportive towards a friend or loved one identifying as Transgender
Manish Gade
Human Rights Researcher
This course was a fantastic overview of Transgender issues, incorporating many different voices -- both academic perspectives and personal experiences.I loved this course due to the wide perspective, testimonies and its diverse approach. It is very important to extend our view to transgender people at large.
Indu Sundaram
College Professor